Michelle Says:
September 29, 2010 at 5:59 pm

I was picking my girls up from the daycare across the street. As I was passing by I was told to join them for dinner, they were having FREE Spaghetti Night! Everything was free, and I was also offered more! The owners are wonderful and the people I met eating there were just as great. My 15 month old daughter loved their food and had a great time. I work at an apartment community and I’m telling everyone here to go there. I have never been there before but I’m dying to try the pizza! People were telling me its the best. Can’t wait to get paid friday so I can take my daughter again. Jimmy and Rene, Thank you for serving our community and being wonderful people. It was so great to meet you! God blessed us and I am thankful for them doing this because I still have a clean kitchen! LOL! But really I am because I’m a single mother of two and money is very tight for me. Thank you again!!!